Friday Bobbing mit Bulgarian Cartrader

Nope, nix mit BMW, Mercedes und Volvo. Hier gibbet nur was auf die Ohren. Und zwar was Gutes. Wir präsentieren: Bulgarian Cartrader. Vielleicht seid ihr dem aus Sofia stammendem Sänger schon zufällig online über den Weg gelaufen, denn die Musik des Berliners hat schon so einige Wellen geschlagen.

Seine Debütsingle „No Other Drug“ kam nach zwei Jahren experimentieren erst letztes Jahr auf den Markt und seitdem hat der Singer und Songwriter, der mit echtem Namen Daniel Stoyanov heißt, definitiv nicht enttäuscht. Letzten Monat wurde dann die neuste Single des Talents mit dem Titel „Camden Free Public Library“ veröffentlicht, die sich an Jazz und Soul anlehnt und damit eine weitere, ganz neue Seite des kommenden Debütalbums „Motor Songs“ präsentiert.

Uber die Entstehung des Songs sagte Bulgarian Cartrader:
I had this arpeggio-bassline going all over the fret – like climbing stairs in a vacuum. A lot of chords but still they seemed to fall perfectly into place and sound easy for the ears. At that time I used to go to a local library quite a lot (not the one the song was named after though) sitting down with a book – sometimes falling asleep after 10 minutes, but just as often getting soaked up by a story. I was doing this because at that time, it was the only thing that helped keeping the demons I had at that time at bay. This library was a beautiful refuge for me, it felt like sitting underneath the shadows of a beautiful big oak tree that’s blocking a rather merciless sun. It wasn’t just the wisdom seeping out from the huge quantities of books, it was even much more basic, like the fact that i’m sitting inside a building, in the stomach of a whale so to say, and that this place had a limitation, unlike the internet on my phone that’s endless and constantly evolving, which can be kind of scary and discomforting sometimes. This place on the other hand was resting upon itself,  being way too phlegmatic in order to keep up with the tempo out there…
As I was writing the lyrics I stumbled across the image of an old, decaying library, a beautiful building from early 20th century, located in a now rather depressing area on the east cost of the states. I think I had read an article about it years before and had screenshotted it because I felt a certain fascination about this story. It’s name was ‘Camden Free Public Library’. I didn’t intend to state any social criticism or protest, it rather felt like a bittersweet, slightly romantic statement: some things get eaten up by time and trends but even when it’s too late, they stay present… the story isn’t over there yet, it lives on in mind and memory.
I then recorded that song together with two of my best friends and musicians Georg Wende on keys and Alexander Schildhauer on drums. It showcases a whole new side of the upcoming album – mainly due to the fact that it’s a great one-take band recording, great dynamics and energy – all these beautiful layers – exotic textures – cozy vibes …

Wir sind gespannt auf das anstehende Album des Berliners und rollen schonmal die Fenster im Auto runter. Hört selbst doch unten mal rein und wenn ihr in der Nähe von Hamburg seid, dann verpasst Bulgarian Cartrader nicht beim diesjährigen Reeperbahnfestival im September!